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DEC DECIDE Doctoral Seminar on Evidence-Based Practices in Early Childhood Special Education

Summer 2015 - Course for doctoral students to explore DEC's newly revised RPs in EI/ECSE.



DEC EI SIG Meeting (Feb 4th):  Implementing the RPs

This archived webinar has a focus on the Instructional RPs and sharing ideas for implementation, along with a brief overview. Click here to register to view webinar.



DEC Learning Decks



DEC Recommended Practices (PDF)



DEC RP Monograph Series



DEC Recommended Practices Videos

Three brief videos around DEC RPs, including an overview.

Early Childhood Behavior Management: Developing and Teaching Rules

Early Childhood Environments: Designing Effective Classrooms


ECTA Presentation: Recommended Practices are Here (Aug 2014)

A brief PowerPoint presentation overviewing the DEC RPs.



ECTA Resources:



ECTA System Framework for Building High-Quality EI and Preschool SpEd Programs

A system framework to guide Part C & Section 619 coordinators and staff.



ECTA Video: DEC RPs: Parents, Home Visitors and Educators Speak!

This brief videos shares the perspectives of parents, home visitors and educators on the value of DEC RPs.


ECTA Webinars: 

Addresses implementing RPs within local programs.  Includes “Reaching Potential through RPs” resources.